Selling with Coleman

Selling ahead of the curve.

Why sell with us?

The Coleman Team reputation is built upon the calibre of those working within the agency, and it’s this Coleman team that delivers exceptional local experience through their successful track record in all markets, whether they be strong or slow.

The agents of Coleman Team are propelled by a support team experienced in marketing, technology and innovative assistance.

There are some very simple yet powerful reasons why we are the safe choice:

We are a highly trusted and respected firm and have been in the area for over 24 years. Additionally we have a 90% referral and repeat client rate offers exceptional peace of mind.

We are a family owned boutique firm, centred on the core values of honesty, integrity, hard work and enthusiasm.

We enjoy a true team ethos and culture, which is to your benefit.

We are a size, deliberately, to be able to provide the required level of service to you and your property.

Your home or investment is a priority to us and we strive to deliver beyond your expectations and that of our competitors.

We are experienced, highly trained, ethical and attentive.

Our database of buyers, both here and overseas, from our individual salespeople to our office and the internet is extensive and extremely effective.

We offer a range of selling options and strategies. Please talk to us about how best to market your property.

Unlike many other firms, the associated marketing cost is not required to be paid up front.

Our office consistently averages fewer “days on market” than many of our competitors.

We are available to inspect, investigate or attend another agent’s auction on your behalf.

We are self motivated, driven, highly capable individuals who together form a true team environment to ensure that we achieve the highest price for you.


Presentation is about much more than how clean your house is. It’s about how buyers feel the first time they step through the front door. A well-presented property can help a buyer feel instantly at home, already imagining how they themselves would live in the space.

On Market

The aim of an on-market sale is to generate buzz around your property and guarantee maximum exposure to the right buyers.

The property is advertised on web platforms including:



Off Market

This is an attractive option when a discreet, no-fuss sale is desired. It’s one of our most popular sale methods. In an off-market sale, the property is not advertised. Instead, we access our extensive database of qualified buyers and contact those who match your property’s attributes, budget and location. Often, we already have multiple suitable buyers on our database.


Easily the most effective way to connect to local, interstate and international buyers, Coleman Team constantly seeks the most innovative real estate digital marketing strategies to boost the online presence of your home and increase buyer competition.

Ahead of the Curve

It is essential to carefully consider the trends and temperaments in the market place when offering your property for sale. As your sales consultant, we analyse whether it is a buyer’s market, a balanced market or a seller’s.

Our focus is to achieve the maximum the market will bear.

Our Numbers


Years Experience



Homes Sold



Negotiated Above Sale Price


Over 1,500 sales


Over $2.5b worth of property sold


Over $2m negotiated above sale price

Customer-First Mindset

Regardless of what happens, we know how to get you back on track. Real estate isn’t something we take lightly, it’s an important journey. Although each and every journey is experienced differently, these 9 steps are typically along the way.


  • Tour home
  • Review comparable sales
  • Analyse market trends
  • Discuss buyer sentiment


  •  Tailored sales plan
  • Home preparation plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Competitively price


  • Repairs and upgrades
  • Styling
  • Photography and video
  • Floorplan and copywriting
  • Pest & building inspection
  • Strata inspection report


  • Buyer database alerts
  • Private inspections
  • Discuss buyer feedback


  • Live on Internet
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Signboards


  • Regular updates
  • Weekly meetings
  • Open for inspections
  • Vendor Report


  • 1st/2nd Inspections
  • Buyer feedback
  • Market activity
  • Contract request
  • Offers


  • Buyer negotiation
  • Terms
  • Conditions
  • Set Settlement Date


  • Pre-settlement inspection
  • Funds dispersed
  • Keys collected